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Dedicated to our clients’ success, we comply with global data protection laws. We understand our partners’ goals and build long-term partnerships. Our success is measured by our clients’ ROI.

Purple Guest WiFi 

Boost your venue’s WiFi and delight your customers. Collect customer data with social WiFi logins. Showcase your brand with custom WiFi landing pages, offers, and ads. Our cloud-based captive portal solution is scalable for any venue size.

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Purple WiFi Marketing

Shape visitor behavior, maximize engagement, and increase your profits. Purple's comprehensive WiFi Marketing solution enables you to effortlessly create, organize, and automate messaging that enhances the visitor experience and boosts return rates. Unleash the potential of WiFi marketing and unlock the value in your Guest WiFi service.

Purple WiFi Analytics

Leverage Purple's cloud software to access powerful visitor analytics. Gain real-time insights on demographics, social interests, contact info, and visit frequency. Track visitor movements with occupancy reports, heatmaps, and zone analysis. Maximise your venue's potential with our comprehensive data-driven solution.

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Purple Protect

Provide a safe, family-friendly WiFi network, offering peace of mind for all ages. Partnered with the Internet Watch Foundation, WebTitan, and Friendly WiFi, Purple Protect delivers a secure and reliable content filtering system that blocks inappropriate content while providing a goldmine of content filtering analytics. 

Imagine Digital Display Software

This full featured, leading Digital Display solution simplifies the art of showcasing your content on your TVs and digital displays, making it as effortless as dragging and dropping your media files into the customisable layouts. Use your own creative assets or our vast library of free stock images, videos and widgets, Whether you have one screen or are  managing thousands of across multiple locations; our online platform facilitates real-time or automated content delivery. Contact us for a free trial.

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CNN Hospitality Partner Program

CNN's Hospitality Partner Program (HPP) is a dynamic initiative designed to foster collaboration between CNN and businesses in the hospitality and travel industry. It allows hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and other travel-related establishments to become partners with CNN. By joining the program, these businesses gain access to a wide range of benefits and resources aimed at enhancing guest experiences and engagement.

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Built to Drive Revenue

Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to provide cutting-edge Marketing Technology and Location Analytics solutions that enable businesses to engage with their customers on a deeper level and drive growth. By bridging the digital gap between the online and offline worlds we enable to realise their customer centric, omni channel strategies.

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"Business has only two functions -marketing and innovation."

- Milan Kundera, Author - 

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