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Friendly WiFi means Peace of Mind

Wherever this symbol is displayed on site or online, parents and young people can be assured that the locations displaying the symbol have the correct filters in place and their public WiFi service is safe to use.

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Global Public Assurance

Flexibility & Scalability

Security Checked

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It's Good to Know
You're Friendly WiFi Certified

The Friendly WiFi symbol was created and launched  in partnership with the The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

The symbol provides global public assurance that the Public WiFi service being offered in the venue displaying the symbol has been independently certified as filtered.



The Friendly WiFi symbol is available to venues worldwide and across various verticals that provide a WiFi service. It demonstrates the venues commitment to ensuring the online safety of its visitors. 

Retail and Hospitality

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Ensuring safety from explicit and dangerous content while enhancing your business's reputation in secure retail and hospitality environments.


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Passengers get a secure online experience, ensuring their journey is safe, regardless of who they're traveling with. Friendly WiFi blocks explicit content, including pornography and webpages hosting indecent images of children and terrorism.


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Friendly WiFi prioritises student safety online. Experience filtered WiFi, blocking explicit content, and enjoy a secure online environment for students, visitors, and prospective parents.

Responsible Brands

Join the list of brands taking the online safety of children seriously.

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Contact us today and get the Friendly WiFi Certification

Friendly WiFi is a UK government-initiated safe certification standard for public WiFi that has become a globally recognised certification...

The Friendly WiFi symbol tells the public that your Public WiFi service meets minimum filtering standards – particularly in areas where children are present.

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