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Safeguard your Brand and your Visitors with
Purple Protect.

Welcome all ages to a Family-Friendly WiFi Network. Secured for Peace of Mind.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Comprehensive Reporting

DNS Filter with WebTitan DNS Filtering and Web Security powered by TitanHQ

DNS Filter with WebTitan DNS Filtering and Web Security powered by TitanHQ

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Discover the Power of Content Filtering for
Public WiFi

Purple's  advanced content filtering system Purple Protect, blocks inappropriate material, guaranteeing a secure online experience. Backed by Friendly WiFi certification, Purple Protect  takes pride in protecting your reputation and providing your WiFi users with a safe and productive browsing environment.


Purple Protect

The gold standard in Web Filtering, backed by accreditation, so you can trust the effectiveness of our solutions without hesitation.

Content Filtering

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Purple Protect, in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation delivers

a robust content filtering solution.

Content categorisation provides brands with maximum control over what websites are accessible on their network

Cybersecurity Shield

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Included in Purple’s Protect license is cyber threat intelligence fortified by an added layer of DNS protection, designed to thwart malicious attacks. Keeping your network and visitors that ue it safe.

DNS Insights

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Analyse visitors' online behaviour while connected to your venue's WiFi. This treasure trove of data empowers marketing teams to uncover the domains your visitors frequent, their preferred social media platforms, and the search engines they favour.

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Certified Safe

Assure online safety through Purple's partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation and Friendly WiFi's certification. Purple's integrated content filtering system ensures a secure online experience, safeguarding users from inappropriate material. From cybersecurity defence and legal compliance to network optimisation, Purple Protect is your comprehensive solution.

Friendly WiFi

Powered by WebTitan

ISO Accredited 

Brands Serious about
Social Responsibility 

With the adoption of Purple Protect, businesses that hold a strong commitment to social responsibility can proudly join the ranks of brands dedicated to both social responsibility and the well-being of their visitors. Join the league of those who genuinely care.

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Elevate Security with Purple Protect

WebTitan's DNS Filtering and Security Solution. Powering Purple Protect, this API-driven system safeguards from malware, phishing, viruses, and beyond. Benefit from AI phishing prevention, real-time threat detection,
scalable performance, and DNSSEC.
Protect with confidence,
and get Friendly WiFi Certified.

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