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Boost Loyalty,  Online Presence and Revenue with Purple WiFi.

Proven to increase customer return rates and spend by 24% 

Compliant & Secure

Flexible & Scalable

Seamless Integrations

Why 75% of your customers don't come back

Why 75% of your customers don't come back

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Boost your business with Purple's Guest WiFi Platform

Experience the simplicity of Purple's Guest WiFi solution, integrating with your existing WiFi hardware we can have you up and running in under an hour.

Seamlessly collect valuable customer information through social logins. Unlock the potential of customer insights and expedite your business growth today!

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How it works

When visitors connect to your network, they're directed to a captive portal with a personalised, branded landing page. Here, they can easily access the WiFi service, either through a custom form or by using their own social media accounts. With an impressive marketing opt-in rate of over 78%, the collected contact and demographic data empower you to run targeted marketing campaigns in real time or even after your customers have left your venue. Purple is proven to increase visitor return rates and spend by an average of 24%.


3rd Party 

Total Design

Trusted by more than
60,000 venues.

Proven to get more people through your doors and increase customer lifetime value it is a sure-fire way to gain an advantage over your competitors.
Join the league of successful brands and unlock a world of possibilities with our Social WiFi solution. 

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Purple WiFi Toolbox

Unveiling an all-Inclusive arsenal to supercharge

your WiFi Network and propel your growth.

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Purple's scalable  and secure WiFi solution suits businesses of all sizes, from coffee shops to stadiums

Captive Portal

Experience seamless internet with our custom-branded captive portal & guest WiFi landing pages.

Use the amassed data
to deliver highly
targeted  messages,
proven to drive spending and boost loyalty.

WiFi Marketing

Drive repeat visits and higher spending with influential, targeted and timely communications.

WiFi money.jpg

Centralize your collected data in an enterprise-grade reporting suite.
Analyse it and make  informed decisions.

WiFi Analytics

Leverage visitor data, trends, and feedback to drive informed business decisions and maximize your bottom line.

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  • Trusted by over 60,000 customers globally 

  • ISO27001 accredited

  • Dedicated SRE team

  • 99.999% uptime

MyData Portal

MyData Portal gives your WiFi users complete control and transparency into the data collected about them.

Captive Portal

Provide a seamless Guest WiFi experience with Social WiFi and boost customer loyalty in real-time.

Lead Cost Icon.png

R3,25 - R4,50

Average cost per lead
Database Icon.png


Increase in
database accuracy
Conversion Rate.png


 Conversion rate on customer surveys

Increase Visit Frequency
With real-time, tailored offers for maximum Impact.

WiFi Marketing, Customer engagement, WiFi for Restaurants, WiFi for Hotels, WiFi for Hospitality

Built in marketing automation, lets you send personalised messages to your visitors – right when they'll love it most. And it integrates  with your existing CRM, making your customer profiles shine with added value.  Personal messages are like secret sauce – they make your visitors stick around for longer and return more often!

Data Compliance
Build compliant databases on auto-pilot

Data Compliance, GDPR Compliance, POPI Compliance, POPIA Compliance, WiFi Data Compliance, WiFi Data Collecting Compliance, WiFi Data Collecting Laws

From GDPR to POPIA and beyond, we've got your back. Our customizable Captive Portal ensures your visitors' data stays as secure as Fort Knox. Plus, activate Marketing Opt-ins and Privacy Policies with a flick of a switch. With our built-in Email Verification Tool your database is kept squeaky-clean. Embrace compliance with confidence – you've got the ultimate ally in Purple!

Speak Their Language
Like a Multilingual Magician!


From splash pages to landing screens, Purple speaks your guests' language. With our expansive support for over 25 languages, you can create a warm welcome that resonates. Your customer-facing screens will feel like old friends, wherever your guests are from. It's all part of our quest to make your venue's WiFi experience as delightful and inclusive as possible.

WiFi Marketing

The secret weapon used by forward thinking businesses globally! 

Promote Customer Loyalty


Deliver rewards and personalised benefits to your customers based on the number of times they visit your venue.  If a regular customer fails to return automated messages revive the relationship. Purple works like a love potion, turning Your Visitors into life long brand ambassadors!

Improve Brand Reputation

reputation management COUPLE.jpg

Collect customer insights through Purple's MicroSurvey Builder. Gauge customer satisfaction via NPS surveys for invaluable customer brand sentiment. Improve online reputation by linking with Google Review TripAdvisor and other leading review platforms,  attracting fresh clients with your glowing reputation. 

Increase App Downloads

McDs APP Download iPhone Hand2.jpg

Blending the WiFi login experience with App promotion not only elevates the user experience but also presents a golden opportunity for actively promoting mobile Apps and lays the foundation for a robust omnichannel marketing relationship, as visitors journey through a unified experience across physical and digital realms.

Become a Social Butterfly

online reputation.jpg

Fuel growth by providing free WiFi access to customers, and watch Social WiFi work its magic. This seamless login process not only opens the gates to internet access but also sparks users to follow or engage with your brand's social media pages while they connect. Witness your brand's influence soar across social platforms as you tap into the power of connected engagement.

Boost In-Store Sales 


Engage visitors with captivating banner ads and videos during free WiFi access. As if by wizardry, these immersive ads, triggered by factors like weather, customer interests, age, and more, are proven to amplify purchases, reservations, and richer customer interaction. This approach crafts a potent formula for business growth, nurturing a more linked and engaged customer community.

Create New Customers

Pop art Boom, showing how Social WiFi creates critical mass

Social WiFi logins gather data for laser-focused marketing, while social media integration elevates your online presence, while an improved reputation fan the flames of word-of-mouth growth. In essence, Social WiFi transforms your Guest WiFi into a dynamic tool for customer attraction and engagement. Then as new customers tap into the Guest WiFi service, the Network Effect sparks a perpetual cycle of expansion!

WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics

Who said analytics was only meant for the digital world.

Operate Like a Boss

rocket opperational efficency.jpg

The Secret Weapon of Smart Entrepreneurs! Unlock live insights on demographics, social preferences, and contacts to fine-tune your venue setup. Harness occupancy reports for optimised efficiency and smoother customer flow. With centralized, enterprise-level reporting, you'll wield strategic wisdom for heightened output, and a competitive advantage.

Unlock Customer Insights

customer profiles.jpg

As the sage Steve Jobs put it, 'Know your customers better than they know themselves.'

Construct intricate visitor profiles and unveil live insights into their interactions with your venue. Power strategic choices for business expansion with WiFi analytics. It's the secret code to unveiling customer preferences and catapulting your venture to the next level!

Advanced Reporting Hub 

Enterprise Reports pop art1.jpg

Immerse in real-time visitor data and valuable insights: names, ages, genders, social interests, contacts, visit frequencies. monitor movements and venue utilization via occupancy and dwell time reports in various zones. Every ounce of data converges in an enterprise-grade reporting hub, arming you with data-backed business insights, making informed decisions your true driving force.

MyData Portal

Safeguard Your Business and Visitors Alike

Worldwide Compliance

Global Compliance.jpg

Purple commits to upholding global compliance across major data protection policies.  With Purple WiFi, you're in trusted hands, aligning your operations and customer data with the highest global benchmarks.

100% Customer Centric

Trust Customer Centric Cellphone.jpg

The MyData Portal places the reins of personal data directly into the hands of the end user through a secure and user-friendly dashboard. We ensure that users retain complete authority over their data, guaranteeing

a truly personalised and empowering experience.

Easy To Understand

Transparent secure.jpg

The WiFi journey is now a breeze, thanks to a concise overview with three sections: Terms, Marketing, and Location. This commitment to transparency is reinforced in our privacy policy, condensed from 1600 to 260 words. User trust and empowerment is a core value and essential to our success. 

Packages to Suite 
Businesses of All Sizes

Unlock the potential of Social WiFi's  customer insights and ignite your business growth today!

Best Value


4 590



Powerful analytics & engagement

software trusted by the worlds top brands.

Elevate your business and stay ahead of

your competitors.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable captive portal

  • Network analytics

  • Visitor analytics

  • Marketing & engagement tools

  • Customer Survey Tools

  • Connectors & software integrations

  • API access

  • Support

Boost Revenue With
Insightful Data-Backed Choices

Leverage WiFi marketing and analytics for valuable data and insights.

Understand visitor behaviour, build customer profiles, and boost revenue

by targeting specific customer groups.

Maximise your venue's potential with Purple WiFi 

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